Corporate culture
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Our vision:
To become a world-class cutting and special steel company.
Our mission:
Committed to the Chinese litianhuang brand do fine long bigger, leading China litianhuang onto the world stage.
Our aim:
The world of talent, poly square elite, to win glory for the nation.
Our values:
◆ customer: the reason of existence of enterprises.
◆ gratitude: use of gratitude, respect for love.
◆ responsibility: responsible for themselves, responsible for enterprise, to be responsible for the society.
◆ integrity: honesty and trustworthiness, win the world.
◆ self: keep the peak state, where a first as the goal.

Our core philosophy:
◆ working idea: the simple method of practice acme is trick.
◆ investment philosophy: learning is the most profitable investment.
The marketing concept: customer not only to buy our products, to buy more of our character.
The service concept: has inescapable responsibility to customers I grow.
◆ brand: brand to create value, the value creation of wealth.
The concept of competition: competition is the first productivity.
◆ business philosophy: suffering is a compulsory course for success.
◆ development idea: the sacrifice, to finish my.
The concept of survival: target can be on the plate, can be on the beach.
◆ talent concept: talent is the asset, mediocre talent is a liability.
◆ compensation philosophy: results are paid, no result is a shame.
◆ promotion concept: achievements, talents training, promoted.
◆ management concept: light money enough to gather, broad enough to rate people, the law has been sufficient to convince people.