Mechanical maintenance of sawing machine
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Mechanical maintenance of sawing machine
* : * : admin * : 2021-06-11 * : 24
A newly purchased gl7132 horizontal semi-automatic bow sawing machine, no-load test machine, everything is normal. When loading the trial saw, the feed slows down when the saw blade cuts into the bar, which seems to be non feed, and the hacksaw stays in one position for a long time. It is suspected that the oil is insufficient, so fill the oil until it overflows, and the retry result is still the same. After that, it was suspected that the oil was dirty and the pipeline was not smooth. All the hydraulic parts such as solenoid valves were removed and cleaned, installed and retried. The fault remained.
Analyze the hydraulic schematic diagram of sawing machine. The hydraulic system can realize three functions: the saw bow can be quickly retracted, the saw bow can be quickly driven in, and the feed motion of the saw bow (feed and lift motion) can be realized with the linear reciprocating motion of the saw bow.
Through analysis and two previous error handling, it is concluded that the reason why the tool cannot be fed appears on the feed cylinder. Then remove the feed cylinder for maintenance. Fill the lower chamber of the oil cylinder with half chamber oil, press the piston into the cylinder and slowly pressurize it. The hole in the middle of the piston rod injects oil, indicating that it is normal. Plug the hole with manual force and continue to press the piston to move towards the cylinder bottom. It is found that one of the two check valves at the piston rod emits a little oil, more and less for a while. The greater the pressure, the more oil, indicating that the upper and lower chambers of the oil cylinder collude during work progress, If the differential pressure tends to or equal to zero, of course, the normal feed cannot be carried out.
After removing the one-way valve emitting oil, it was found that a small steel ball with a diameter of 3mm was installed. After removing the small steel ball, clean the oil cylinder, reinstall it, start the hacksaw, and everything is normal.
Sawing machine is a relatively simple machine tool. Users will not require their own sawing machine to have the function of machining center. The computer-controlled sawing machine not only improves the sawing efficiency and quality for users, but also the network function of the computer, which will make the sawing more closely connected with other links of CIMS and more convenient management.